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With so many different types of boots on the market, it is hard to decide on the most perfect pair for any individual. For people suffering from plantar fasciitis, the challenge can be twice as difficult. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes someone to have extreme pain in their heel when walking or standing. [...]

 Durable, Dependable, Great Company and Good to Go Brand loyalty asides, when it came time to replace my old running pack I wanted something smaller, lighter, and more than just a “bladder in a bag.” CamelBak has always been the name for me, it was the brand I started hiking with and I’ve never felt [...]

If you are looking for a great all around outdoor pillow, the Nemo Fillo is the one for you. This backpacking pillow is soft, yet it is supportive enough to satisfy people who prefer to sleep on their sides. It is compact, and it can fold up and fit into a small grapefruit sized bag [...]

If you plan to do any serious outdoor activities, it is a smart move to consider purchasing a reliably warm base layer. After reviewing several different products, the SmartWool NTS Mid 250 was selected as the best base layer for cold weather of 2019. If you’re in a hurry, click here to check out this [...]

Updated Aug 27, 2018. Are you a side sleeper looking for a sleeping pad? You’re in the right place! This year I decided I needed to buy my own equipment. I slept on an air pad last year and it wasn’t the most comfortable which is why I’m so much happier having found the Therm-a-Rest [...]

Pretty much every survival instructor agrees that the knife is the most important piece of survival equipment there is. Unfortunately, that’s where the agreement ends, because opinions on the type of knife that’s best for survival are as varied as the people who hold those opinions. While there are a few common points of agreement, [...]

I live right off of the AT which means I spend a fair amount of time on it. I love the view and I love waking up and seeing nothing but the mountains around me but it really isn’t fun having to keep buying a new air mattress all the time, which is why I [...]

Best Mirrorless Camera for Professionals: Sony Alpha A7 II As I’ve gotten older my hands are less able to handle a heavier DSLR  and while I’ve been putting it off the time has come and that’s what I found the Sony Alpha A7 II Mirrorless. Mirrorless cameras are so much lighter and it’s just a pleasure [...]

Best Base Layer for Skiing – ColdPruf Platinum Dual Layer As a skier I know layering is important, especially on those winter runs when it’s so cold you can’t feel your nose. I hate feeling sweaty and constricted which is why I was happy to come across the ColdPruf Platinum dual layer base leggings. This [...]

The Cressi Skorpion Dive Knife is a great choice if you’re a beginner diver like me. I’ve just started getting my own scuba gear and finding a knife that wasn’t going to cost a fortune while being secure enough that I won’t lose it has been interesting. I wanted something that wasn’t too long and [...]

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