Trapping is a traditional way to catch game and should be part of your survival strategy. They are all pretty simple to set up but each has their little quirks, advantages, and disadvantages.   You should set up several traps in different locations that you check regularly. Look for locations that show signs of animals, [...]

Having an emergency food storage section in the basement should be one of the requirements of every household, no matter how many people are living in it. Even though we can’t control natural or man-made disasters, there are ways to be better prepared for an emergency situation when it comes to food. Stocking up on [...]

You have probably heard of Jason Richards, author of the “Family Survival Course“. But who is he? And why does he deserve the attention of people who want to protect themselves and their family during any crisis that may occur in the near future? Jason Richards Is A Survivalist You might think that anyone who [...]

Introduction If you’re off the grid with no running water, or out at your camp, or just want a bathroom close to the fire pit, an outhouse in probably your answer.   There are alternatives, however, there is nothing quite like the quaint appearance of an outhouse.  Also, as anyone who uses an outhouse knows, [...]

Emergency preparedness is a vital asset to keeping you and your loved ones safe. It makes you more efficient in life and as well helps you keep calm and make rightful decisions when exposed to unanticipated mishaps. Here is a brief guide to disaster preparedness. What Is Emergency Preparedness? As Mother Nature has proved itself [...]

There is a lot of advice on how to survive a disaster, but as Jason Richards points out in his Family Survival Course, there is certain information that is missing to help keep you and your family safe, secure, well fed, and out of danger for months on end. His inexpensive course promises the kind [...]

Raising rabbits for meat production can be a cost-effective way to provide for you and your family.  Throw in the added benefits of a healthy lean meat and the low cost investment, rabbits are an excellent addition to any homestead. Health Benefits and Feeding Rabbit is a very healthy white meat, with little fat and [...]

Protecting the body against the adversaries typical of the wild environment such as extreme temperature and physical injuries is important for thriving through tough times. Here’s a brief look at what your survival kit list should encompass. Please note that this kit is also referred to as an earthquake survival kit or disaster kit. If [...]

The best survival knife does almost every job you can think of, and because of this, knives are essential to survival and have a long history in survival history. They can offer protection against human or animal threats, but they also can act as a tool that can help you build fire, create a shelter, [...]

There’s an acronym that’s been gaining popularity amongst the prepping movement, it’s TEOTWAWKI. That stands for “The end of the world as we know it.” Please don’t confuse this with “the end of the world” because that’s not what it means. It really has nothing to do with the world ending. However, it has a [...]

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