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Despite the term “opsec” (operation security)  being a military term, it is also important for preppers. Not just as something to be aware of, but a rule to live by.

When TSHTF you don’t want every neighbour, friend and family member turning up at your door looking for a handout. Sure, share your preps with whoever you choose, but they will only last so long before they run out.

It’s easier to help someone develop the right survival mindset than it is to give them handouts in a bad situation. The saying “teach a man to fish….” comes to mind here.

If you can teach someone why and how they should stock up and prepare for the worst, they will be so much better off if and when that time comes.

Today’s article is all about how we can hide our preps in clever places so keep them away from prying eyes. You’re gonna’ love this one!

1) Cash Stash In A Door

cash stash

Via: Makezine

This clever idea will allow you to stash a selection of notes, a USB stick or anything that is important to you and will fit inside a test tube sized container.

Obviously you are limited to the width here but you could also use some PVC pipe, cut it to a longer length and cap it off at the bottom. That will allow for more storage space.

2) Vacuum Cleaner Document Stash

Vacuum Hiding Place

Via: FamilyHandyman

Adding important documents such as birth and marriage certifications, insurance documents and even your Will to a zip lock storage bag and stashing it inside the vacuum cleaner is a great idea. Just hope that the burglar isn’t a maid by day, otherwise they may take a shine to the vacuum cleaner!

3) Raised Floor Storage

Raised Floor Storage

Via: diycosyhome

I just HAD to include this one in the list simply for how well made it is. As long as your ceilings are high enough you could easily implement this into your bedroom or the kids play den. Those fold up storage units are genius and you could have furniture on top to hide any handles etc.

4) Hidden Bathroom Tile Storage

Hidden Bathroom Tile Storage

Via: dornob.com

Whilst I wouldn’t put this in a location like will see a lot of water, liek the shower cubicle or around the bathtub, I still think it’s a neat idea. Especially if you can get the grout effect just right so it all sits flush and doesn’t look out of place.

5) Bathtub Hidden Storage

Via: dthecoolthings.com

Continuing with our bathroom theme, here is a way to utilize all the unused space beneath the bathtub. Add some hinges to the panel and remove a bit of excess lastic and you’re all set.

6) Cabinet Document Stash

Cabinet Hide

Via: FamilyHandyman

If you have a gap in your cabinets like in the image above, this can be used to hide important documents. To make this neat trick even better, I would fold down the clips so that they are flat against the cabinet top so they cannot be seen whatsoever.

7) Tin Can Storage

Tin Can Storage

Via: MyFamily-Essentials

Being a prepper you no doubt have your fair share of tinned goods, ready to eat when things go wrong. Well, this simple yet genius storage solution may be just what you need. Whilst it isn’t ‘technically’ hidden in this image, it would be easy to add doors or fit inside the garage or garden.

8) Small Space Kitchen Storage Unit

Side Fridge Storage

Via: Makezine

Small space storage is all the rage these days, especially with the Tiny House movement. Wherever you have a narrow gap, like the side of the refrigerator in the example above, you can add a pullout storage unit for tins, jars and whatever preps you want to hide.

9) House Key Cache


Via: Savvyhousekeeping.com

I love this idea for its simplicity. A small pill bottle, a bit of digging and a decorative rock is all you need to hide a door key or other important items. As preppers you will have seen survival caches being buried on YouTube and the forums etc – this is just a scaled down version.

10) Hideaway Storage Unit in Roof

roof hideaway

Via: storageandglee

This is great if you have thick rafters in the roof. They can be placed in the attic where your friends and family are not likely to go and if you add hinges they are easy to open and close when needed. Check out the whole website – it’s awesome!

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