How To Make a Foxhole Radio

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How To Make a Foxhole Radio

This radio needs no batteries and only a few pieces of material.

Getting news and information when the SHTF is critical. Things could be going seriously wrong and you may not have an idea in you are not getting any news. There is a good chance the infrastructure will be in trouble and your reality TV shows won’t be streaming on the tube.

The cable will be out.  It is doubtful that satellite TV will be operating either.

There is a good chance that there will be terrestrial radio. There might be fewer stations operating but there will be some. So, let’s say the power is out and you have exhausted your battery supply.

You can build your own radio that doesn’t need batteries.

This is a basic plan that the GIs used in WW2 with the few materials that were on hand.


  1. Toilet Paper Tube
  2. Safety Pin
  3. Thumb Tacks
  4. Razor Blade
  5. Wire (antenna)
  6. Magnetic Wire
  7. Mounting Board

It is much easier to see how to build this radio in the video so I will let you have a look.

Here are some tips:

  • Be flexible and try different “settings”.
  • You may need to make a let of tweaks to adjust the station.
  • Try varying lengths of the antenna.
  • This is a great project for a scout troop or a rainy weekend.

Check out this short video on just how to make this neat radio…

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