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Our Hydro Flask review is about that when you go hiking you will want to make sure that you are hydrated at all time. So make sure you drink plenty of water.The issue I always had was my water bottles either, continuously got cracks in them or the water just got way too hot for me even to want to think about drinking.

I learned very quickly that before my next outing my mission was to find the burliest water bottle possible. One that would not break, and one that would keep my drink at the temperature I wanted it to be. In my journey to find a suitable bottle I came across several good choices, but as the title indicates, today I will discuss the Hydro Flask Bottle.

Hydro Flask Review

Why Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flask has an outstanding build quality. I don’t anticipate having one break on me (unless I abuse it) anytime soon, meaning the investment I make on this purchase will be paying dividends for several years down the road.

Let’s look at some positives of a Hydro Flask water bottle


As I stated above, a sturdy bottle means I won’t have to worry about replacing my bottle every other hike or camping trip.


Some of these bottles come with enough room to hold forty ounces of liquid. Nobody wants to (or can) fill up their bottle every thirty minutes. I you anticipate a long journey then you want to have as much water as you possible


The technology put into these bottles is extraordinary. “Double-walled vacuum-insulated bottles” these things keep your drinks as cold as you made them twelve hours ago.

It really is amazing! I would like to take a moment to talk a little bit more about the technology put into this product. It is not just the insulation capabilities that make this such a great bottle. But they even put significant work into having the perfect cap for your drink.

Flex Cap

I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too. “Okay, but it’s just a bottle cap. You can’t get excited about a bottle cap.” Let me be the first to tell you:  “you could not be more wrong about that.” The people at Hydro Flask have made some serious improvements to the standard bottle cap, starting with the flexible handle.

The handle is made of some soft yet sturdy material that keeps your hand from fatiguing while holding it. But it is also sturdy enough to connect it to a carabiner on your backpack without worrying that the handle will break.

Stainless steel pivots on the handle make it so that the handle moves freely with the motion of the bottle. Because they are stainless steel you can be sure that the strap won’t break at the pivot points. The best invention is the integrated honeycomb technology.

This technology keeps the temperature of the content inside the same as when you first made your drink, even while opening the cap to take a sip. So now you really can enjoy your beverage as it was meant to be.

Back to the rest of the Hydro Flask Pros


There are multiple types of bottles to choose from. They are bound to have a bottle that fits your needs. You can even take this a step further though. Hydro Flask has a bevy accessories that you can purchase to upgrade your bottle. Limited Lifetime Warranty – They will replace anything that is due to a manufacturer default.

Parks for all program

If you are reading this review you undoubtedly love the outdoors. Hydro Flask does too! And they put that love into donating money to parks to keep them in peak conditions So we have gone through several of the positive aspects of these bottles, but there are always two sides to each coin. So let’s take a look at some of the downsides to the Hydro Flask.

Hydro Flask Cons


You need to be completely thorough when cleaning these things. Maybe it is the nature of having a vacuum insulated product, but it seems that these can get moldy rather quickly if you do not clean them properly. I recommend a thorough clean after each day use. This will ensure you don’t get any nasty growth in there.


These are rather expensive bottles, after getting the upgraded lids you can sometimes spend more than 100 dollars on these. However, I look at this product as an investment. Spend the money now, take care of your purchase, and you will not have to worry about getting another one of these anytime soon.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The limited part throws me off just a bit. Sometimes companies use this kind of language to wiggle out of replacing a product. Although, I haven’t heard much about these guys doing such things. They are genuinely a consumer-friendly organization.

Wrap – Up

First let me say, I absolutely love these bottles. I think everyone who spends time outdoors in any capacity should certainly look into getting one of these. Whether you are in the mountains skiing, hiking or in the scorching summer temperatures, Hydro Flask will keep your drink as cold – or as hot – as you could ask for it to be. We hope you like our Hydro flask review and if you have questions feel free to ask.


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