ISIS Are Recruiting Teenagers Online

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Isis is recruiting teenagers onlineNo only do the US government have the task of fighting ISIS on the ground, they are utilizing online social media channels to recruit our youth.

In recent months, there have been regular reports of teenagers who are compassionate and supportive of ISIS, leaving their homes to travel to Syria.

The are either joining the fight, or in the case of females, they are marrying ISIS fighters. a few weeks ago, 3 teenage girls (pictured above) from England fled their country and headed to Turkey where it is believed they were then smuggled into Syria.

The image above shows the 3 British teenage girls(Left to Right ) Shamima Begun, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana as the walk through Gatwick airport before boarding their flight to Turkey on February 17.

The extremists who are recruiting these teenagers are delivering a message the romatiizes their cause and makes our impressionable youths feel like they too, should be fighting for “the cause”.

recent report from Site Intelligence Group reveals how ISIS have taken their online recruitment drive to large social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

The exact place where they will find their prey.

white hse summit

At a White House summit Secretary of State John Kerry stated: “Those recruiting for [ISIS] are not looking for people who are devout and knowledgeable about the tenants of Islam, they’re looking for people gullible enough to believe that terrorists enjoy a glamorous lifestyle.”

This is what makes the tactics of ISIS so dangerous for western youths, it’s extremely difficult to detect, stop and prevent them from being contacted due to how viral these message can be.

Photo Credit – REUTERS

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