In summer, does the thought of putting on socks and hiking boots just make you sweat? Me too. Thank goodness for hiking sandals. Durable enough to handle the trails but super breathable and no socks required!  We present you the best hiking sandals for women. There’s always the question of whether to go with open-toed [...]

The weekends are meant for getaways. We know, you’ve gone 100 miles per hour from Monday to Friday, and now it’s time to escape the office, the city, and find some stars to sleep under. In a hurry to find out more?  Click here to see my favorite camping stove at Amazon. Sure many people [...]

Let’s set the scene. The crap has well and truly hit the fan, it could be a financial collapse, civil unrest or martial law and it’s time to batten down the hatches, escape to your bug out location or retreat to your bunker. Whatever you plans are for a SHTF scenario, there is one unavoidable [...]

How Far Is Too Far?

We live in a world obsessed with life, sickness, and death. Plausibly, this is because human life is so frail. It is amazing that humans are so delicate; just a few days without water or only a few minutes without air can end us. Entire television shows are dedicated to people ‘lost’ in the wilderness [...]

Bannock is a type of unleavened bread which has been a staple of nomadic people, bushcrafters and hunters for hundreds of years. Recently whilst flicking through my copy of Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski, I came across page 68, which is his recipe for making bannock in the backcountry Mors Kochanski is a bushcraft and wilderness [...]

Since 1958, we have been using the zip tie for many different things, from lashing and tying, to organizing and repairing. It’s uses seem somewhat unlimited. In this article, we take a look at 19 different survival uses for the humble zip tie. 1) Organize things You can use zip ties to organize your preps and bug [...]

1) The Most High-Tech RV Ever Built Built to take his daughter camping, this high-tech RV has everything you could possibly want…including the kitchen sink. From solar panels to waste management, voice commands and a built-in situational awareness system that can detect oncoming dangers. Via: Wired 2) MotoPed The Motoped has the benefit of both [...]