Getting news and information when the SHTF is critical. Things could be going seriously wrong and you may not have an idea in you are not getting any news. There is a good chance the infrastructure will be in trouble and your reality TV shows won’t be streaming on the tube. The cable will be [...]

Long gone are the days of just grabbing a cheap, and guaranteed to break within minutes, Styrofoam cooler from a gas station to keep your drinks and food mildly cool on an out of town get away or an afternoon at the park. Coolers are serious business now! Do you want a blender included? Mounted speakers? [...]

Choosing the best soft cooler isn’t a walk in the park, though a great ice cooler can make a walk the park that much better. For real though, it’s serious business, and choosing just the right soft cooler requires taking a lot into consideration. How easy is it to clean? How fast does ice melt [...]

When I do long camping trips, it really kills the mood if someone has run out halfway through and go get more ice. It’s like, I thought we were getting away from it all but, no we’re just popping over to supermarkets, willy nilly. If you don’t have time to hang around right now, check [...]

The best water filter for backpacking is something that you need when traveling. Water on the trail is not something to play around with, and quite literally comes down to do or die. Making sure there’s a sustainable water source is only half the battle, and that’s usually left up to mother nature. The rest [...]

Best Places to Hike in Ohio In this post we present you the best places to hike in Ohio. A while back, I was travelling. I’d brought a decent amount of gear with me (It’s just something I do. Don’t judge.) so when I had any extra time, I used it to get out there, [...]

This is a review about the best backpacking in Colorado. If the mountains are calling, they’re likely calling straight from Colorado. Few things come close to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains jutting skywards amidst the Colorado skyline. Combine this with the scent of pine forests and the captivating lure of wildflowers and the average [...]

This post is about the best lightweight hiking shoes. It seems that ever since the beginning of recreational trail hiking, it has been somewhat of a rule that you must always wear hiking boots. It makes sense, you want the added ankle support you will get from high boots. Plus boots keep your feet dry [...]

[thrive_custom_box title=”” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#ffffff” border=”#cc3333″] This is a guest post from Dan Andrews who runs the blog over at “Dan” lives in Romania and has been an active prepper since the start of 2014, having family and friends in the military and grandparents who would take him out to live in the countryside [...]

So you’ve got your bug out bag or BOB, you’ve squared away your EDC or Every Day Carry and you’ve packed your INCH bag (I’m Not Coming Home)… Did you know there is another pack that is just as, if not MORE important? One that you absolutely must have in your home that I bet [...]

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