Between the rise of ISIS, our enmity with other terrorist organizations and the number of illegal aliens who have entered the country through our porous southern border, the risk of terrorist attack seems to be growing by the day. Actually, I think we’re overdue for one and the only reason it hasn’t happened is that [...]

A couple of years ago I got a vacuum sealer as a gift for Christmas. It seemed nice but I wasn’t blown away. The basic function of a vacuum sealer is to remove most of the air from a plastic bag that contains the target item, then seal the bag. The bag has to be [...]

Some people may scoff at the idea of bringing your pet with you when you are bugging out. Obviously those people don’t have pets! Pets are part of the family and it would be unthinkable to leave them behind. I won’t try to convince non-pet owners too hard… Why bring a pet when bugging out? [...]

Fire is a vital component in a survival situation. You can stay warm and avoid hypothermia. Wild and dangerous animals can be fended away just by having the fire burning. You can boil water to drink. You can cook food which is obviously very important (Rule of 3s). In a survival situation, starting a fire [...]

Most of us don’t have the luxury of going out and spending thousands of dollars on a ready to go disaster survival kit. For most of us, prepping is a way of life, but life does come first. That means eating day-to-day, fuel bills, vehicles and the kids activities. We get what we can when [...]

All my life I’ve heard people talking about the three needs for survival. Of course, those weren’t the three needs established by any survival expert, but what society in general thinks of as our needs for survival. I guess we could call it the “civilized version” of survival priorities. You’ve probably heard it too; with [...]

One thing that many preppers have in common is struggling to find money in their budgets to buy prepping supplies. Let’s face it, a lot of the things that you need to purchase in order to become prepared for emergencies aren’t cheap. Some people are fortunate and have very deep pockets and they can march [...]

Many websites and channels glamorize the prepping and survival community. In fact, if a friend or family member hears you mention “being prepared”, they respond with… “Oh you’re one of those ‘Doomsday Preppers’ I’ve seen on TV” Like it or loath it, that show has encouraged many people to get into preparedness. The trouble is, [...]

When it comes to emergency preparedness it’s very easy to tell ourselves that we’ll do it tomorrow. That the likelihood of a natural disaster in our neighborhood is almost nothing. It doesn’t however, take a natural disaster to wipe out the power and leave you stranded in your own home or in your vehicle. If [...]

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