Prepper Videos

The thing I love about survival and preparedness is that there is always something new to learn. I honestly never stop learning. I am always on the scout out for YouTube videos to learn a new skill, I try to watch and practice at least 2 new skills per week. Along my journey I have [...]

Fire is a vital component in a survival situation. You can stay warm and avoid hypothermia. Wild and dangerous animals can be fended away just by having the fire burning. You can boil water to drink. You can cook food which is obviously very important (Rule of 3s). In a survival situation, starting a fire [...]

One of the key essentials to being well prepared is to have the knowledge and skills you will need to survive. There is a saying amongst us Preppers and Survivalists: Knowledge Weighs Nothing Whether you’re going to be bugging out or holed up in a bunker, your knowledge and skills will be put to the test in a SHTF [...]