Survival Food


When it comes to preparedness and survival, knowing what food to store is key.

There are lists out there that cover a few survival foods, however, none of them explain why you should stock up on 'grains' for example. Or even what you can do with them when TSHTF.

This article will detail 131 Survival Foods, and you can use it as your guide​ to preparing. If you're looking for ideas on which foods to add to your preps, you're in the right place.

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The motto above is one the team here at PrepperZine live by. It is pointless stocking up on oats if you can't stand eating them.

The key to choosing the right survival foods is to only purchase what you eat TODAY. If you don't like a food item today, you're not going to like it in a disaster scenario.

Pay attention to what your family likes to eat. Each time you prepare food, write down what items you used from your pantry or store cupboard.

After 2-3 weeks you will start to see a pattern emerging - you can then use that list of foods and combined with the other 131 survival foods listed in this guide, you will be well on your way to a survival store to be proud of!

Click here to see the FULL LIST of 131 Survival Foods

How To Use This Guide

This guide has been broken down into 3 chapters to make it easy to navigate. Being over 13,000 words long, we have placed each survival food item into one of 8 categories. They are:

You can use the navigation featured at the top of each chapter to go directly to your food of interest.

Where possible we have included how-to videos and hand written steps so you can have a go at home and do-it-yourself.

Fancy making, drying and storing you own powdered butter? How about ​fresh egg pasta and dehydrated sauce?

We've got 131 different survival foods for you to browse and decide what's missing from your survival stores.

A recommended way to read this guide is to download a PDF copy (green button down below) and print it out. You can then use your hard copy as a checklist and even take it on your next visit to the store.

Do I Need To Stock All Of These Items?

By no means do you need each survival food item in this list​. It is best use as a guideline.

Heck, we've even included some fun to have items such as wine and beer yeast. The thing is, we never know what our own personal SHTF will be.

For some, if could be running out of beer and for others it could be marshall law lock down. We are all different and we believe it's best to prepare for every eventuality.

So tick off the items you already have, learn how to make some prep meals from scratch and have fun whilst you are doing it.​

And, don't forget to grab the PDF down below.​

Download a PDF Version of our guide: 131 SURVIVAL FOODS