Survival Skills

Trapping is a traditional way to catch game and should be part of your survival strategy. They are all pretty simple to set up but each has their little quirks, advantages, and disadvantages.   You should set up several traps in different locations that you check regularly. Look for locations that show signs of animals, [...]

If you are thinking about participating in a peaceful protest demonstration, take some precautions because anytime you can get into a difficult situation. It is common practice for governments to embed provocateurs among the demonstrators and at some point begin to instigate violence in order to demonize peaceful demonstrators in the media, as well as an excuse to send [...]

In recent years riots have become more and more commonplace in the US and many countries around Europe. People are angry, be it over a race killing, the falling economy, corrupt officials or just mindless opportunistic youngsters who are hugely susceptible to the mob mentality. As a prepper, you must have seen this. From the [...]

Between the rise of ISIS, our enmity with other terrorist organizations and the number of illegal aliens who have entered the country through our porous southern border, the risk of terrorist attack seems to be growing by the day. Actually, I think we’re overdue for one and the only reason it hasn’t happened is that [...]

Distilling fluids is a skill which every prepper should become well versed in. As we all know, as humans we can go for a month or longer without food, but without water, you can be dead within a few days. So having clean, pure water for drinking is vital for survival. Even with fancy filters that [...]

Some people may scoff at the idea of bringing your pet with you when you are bugging out. Obviously those people don’t have pets! Pets are part of the family and it would be unthinkable to leave them behind. I won’t try to convince non-pet owners too hard… Why bring a pet when bugging out? [...]

Soda cans  are everywhere which is a little sad when you see trash out in the wilderness. However, as a prepper, maybe we can turn that into  a silver lining… It turns out that a simple soda can (or a “Coke” can, as  we say down here in the South!) can be super useful in [...]

Since 1958, we have been using the zip tie for many different things, from lashing and tying, to organizing and repairing. It’s uses seem somewhat unlimited. In this article, we take a look at 19 different survival uses for the humble zip tie. 1) Organize things You can use zip ties to organize your preps and bug [...]

Fire is a vital component in a survival situation. You can stay warm and avoid hypothermia. Wild and dangerous animals can be fended away just by having the fire burning. You can boil water to drink. You can cook food which is obviously very important (Rule of 3s). In a survival situation, starting a fire [...]

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