A Man Breaks Up A Burglary Then Shoots One Of The Robbers In Self-Defense


Charles Dorsey saw two men robbing his long time neighbor.  Termaine Braxton and Anthony Roberts were the robbers and they got away with a few items before Mr. Dorsey intervened.

Mr. Dorsey stated, “Yeah, she’s like a sister to us. We’ve known her for 36 years or better.”

He was talking about his neighbor that is an elderly woman. She is also in a wheel chair.

Dorsey thought she was at home at the time and was mainly concerned for her safety. Crime is common in this neighborhood in the Southwest part of Little Rock

What Happened?

Braxton and Roberts were actively robbing a home on the 6700 Block of Wakefield Drive. Dorsey saw what was happening and headed to help his neighbor.

Dorsey held the suspects at gunpoint and his sister called the police.

One of the men made a move – one that threatened Dorsey’s safety.

So Dorsey shot one of the robbers in the arm.

The Suspects


Termaine Braxton and Anthony Roberts were identified by police for the robbery on Tuesday photo credit: arkansasmatters.com

What others say…

A witness said that, “They were grabbing anything they could get their hands on. They took her TV and other stuff.”

And, another resident of the neighborhood told the news crew from Channel 4 that, “Don’t mess with us because we will get you.”

As you can hear, the neighborhood is taking some ownership on keeping it safe. Keep it up!

Reference: Arkansas Matters

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