Best Budget Hiking Boots Reviews 2021

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If you plan to go hiking, the best investment you can make is a good pair of hiking boots. That does mean you have to blow your budget on your hiking boots when there is lots of gear that is needed for a good hiking expedition. You can still get quality hiking boots that are reasonably priced. Let’s take a look at these best budget hiking boots.

As with any sport or activity, having the right gear or accessories goes a long way to ensuring comfort and safety. When it comes to hiking, having the right boots for the terrain you will be traversing is very important.

But what if you are not a hard-core hiker that blazes the trail every weekend or holiday? If you only hike occasionally, say once or twice in a 6-month period, is it really necessary to invest hundreds of dollars on a pair of hiking boots that will just sit and gather dust?

Alternatively, you might have a tight budget, but still wish to enjoy the great outdoors. There are many different brands and styles of hiking boot available on the market at affordable prices, you just have to sniff them out.

Approach your selection as you would any hiking boot, they all share common qualities, but materials and build affect the overall cost. Bear in mind that the durability of the boots will not be as lasting as a high-end top of the range hiking boots.

Best Budget Hiking Boots

What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Budget Boot

  • Does The Boot Offer Waterproofing?

If you are going to hike in areas where you know there will be streams or possible wet weather than a waterproof liner is a must have. The most common material used in most hiking boots is Gore-Tex although there are other waterproof technologies available, but Gore-Tex is the most commonly used.

  • Does The Boot Provide Adequate Cushioning?

If you are going to hike in areas with hard ground, the softer the cushioning the more comfortable the hike. Some budget boots use an EVA foam for the mid-sole, this material is light and springy, but does deteriorate faster than other materials used in the more expensive hiking boots.

  • What Material Is The Outsole Made From?

One of the most commonly used materials for the outsole is a Vibram, it’s hard to miss as it usually has the unique yellow label attached to the sole. This material is hard wearing, offers really good grip on most surfaces depending on the design. There are other options available, but this is a tried and trusted brand.

  • Does The Upper Provide Enough Protection?

Boots designed for more rigorous terrain may offer reinforcement against abrasions, depending on preference there are boots which provide heel and toe reinforcement to all round protection of the upper, great for added durability.

  • Does the boot fit well?

Try on the boots you are interested in, preferably towards the end of the day when your feet have a tendency to swell a little, it’s advisable to take a pair of hiking socks with you to aid in the fitment. The boots mustn’t be too tight, and essentially provide wiggle room for your toes. Avoid boots which cause your foot to slide forward on an incline.

A Few Budget Boots To Consider

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

A reasonably lightweight boot with good waterproofing all round. The Newton Ridge Plus boot is comfortable and provides adequate arch support. A rugged boot well equipped to handle most types of terrain and wet conditions. The leather is coated with an Omni-Tech membrane for the waterproofing. May not suit all foot sizes as they are quite narrow. A great budget boot none the less.


Hi-Tec Altitude Lite I

Lighter than the all leather variants the Hi-Tec Altitude Lite is ready to wear and comfortable right out of the box. Provides good waterproofing, but the outsole does not provide the same protection as other brands. Designed more for the day hiker with a light load, avoid slippery and rocky terrain. Durability may be an issue.


Keen Targhee II

A highly praised hiking boot the Targhee, comfortable from the get go with good waterproofing and arch support. Sporting a wide toe box and outsole that wraps around the front of the shoe to prevent stubbing the toes. The material used on the soles is tough enough for those uneven and rocky terrains on the hike. Lightweight and rugged these are a good choice on a budget.

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator

Ready to wear and comfortable straight out of the box. The Moab 2 is part of the popular Moab line of shoes and boot. The sole provides very good grip on most uneven terrains, the boot is designed for light hiking in hot weather as it offers no waterproofing, there are other more expensive models in the range which provide this feature. Highly regarded as an option.

In Conclusion

It is possible to enjoy the same benefits in a budget hiking boot as offered in their more expensive counterparts, you just have to establish your needs against your budget. Key things to look out for when choosing your hiking boots.

A good fit and comfort, water resistance, optimal weight, good support for your feet and overall durability. As with most purchase, it comes down to personal preference and with the right choice of boots, you will find your hiking experience, both comfortable and rewarding no matter what the cost. We hope that out best budget hiking boots showed you that you can get quality at a low price.

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