Best hikes in ga This is our opinion about the best hikes in GA! Famous for southern hospitality, sweet iced tea, and America’s hidden gem in terms of pristine and iconic hiking trails. In many ways, Georgia is the birthplace of America’s hiking heart. After all, the infamous Appalachian Trail starts in Georgia. It only [...]

Best hiking trails in NC You can basically guarantee two things about hikers. 1) They love the outdoors, and 2) They love experiencing the outdoors in new and inquisitive ways. The trails of North Carolina provide all of this and more to the hiker itching to get out of the door and onto the trail. [...]

Best Place to Hike in Idaho Idaho! The land of the Idaho Potato. But also, the land of beautiful mountains and lush landscape. If you are caught off guard by this, you aren’t alone. I too once thought Idaho was a barren land with nothing to offer other than high carb potato spuds. It turns [...]

Best Places to Hike in Ohio In this post we present you the best places to hike in Ohio. A while back, I was travelling. I’d brought a decent amount of gear with me (It’s just something I do. Don’t judge.) so when I had any extra time, I used it to get out there, [...]

This is a review about the best backpacking in Colorado. If the mountains are calling, they’re likely calling straight from Colorado. Few things come close to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains jutting skywards amidst the Colorado skyline. Combine this with the scent of pine forests and the captivating lure of wildflowers and the average [...]

There’s a reason ‘going west’ is so close to the heart of American culture and history, and a quick look at the best big sur hikes on the California coast will all the more help you understand why the western United States is so treasured by outdoor and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re after pristine [...]

No only do the US government have the task of fighting ISIS on the ground, they are utilizing online social media channels to recruit our youth. In recent months, there have been regular reports of teenagers who are compassionate and supportive of ISIS, leaving their homes to travel to Syria. The are either joining the fight, or in [...]

With what’s happening in the Ukraine right now, is it time for Europe to band together and create an Army that can send a message to Russia? According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, that’s exactly what is needed to show that we are serious about protecting Europe’s assets and defending it’s values. It is thought [...]

Out of LITTLE ROCK, AR — Charles Dorsey saw two men robbing his long time neighbor.  Termaine Braxton and Anthony Roberts were the robbers and they got away with a few items before Mr. Dorsey intervened. Mr. Dorsey stated, “Yeah, she’s like a sister to us. We’ve known her for 36 years or better.” He was [...]

More than 6,000 people are though to have lost their lives since the fighting in Eastern Ukraine began in April 2014, just one month after Russia occupied Ukraine’s southern Crimea peninsula. The fighting shows no evidence of slowing down anytime soon, despite a recent truce being agreed and subsequently ignored by the rebels. Top political advisors [...]

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